Complementary Medicine: Ethics and Law: Second Edition

Complementary Medicine: Ethics and Law: Second Edition

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"As a professional complementary medicine practitioner or student, how often have you asked yourself: What are my ethical obligations here? Is my practice legal? How should I set up my practice?

Complementary Medicine: Ethics and Law gives you the tools to: Understand the Ten Commandments of Professional Practice; Identify and deal with tricky legal situations that arise in practice; Understand you legal obligations to your clients and the profession; Appreciate your ethical responsibilities; Set up your professional practice; Understand the permitted boundries of your practice; Understand the ins and outs of commercial leases; Decipher professional indemnity insurance.

For the first time, the student or practitioner of complementary medicine has a comprehensive, readable and informative discussion of these vital issues.


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Author "Weir, Michael"
ISBN 0-646-39628-5
Book Type Trade Paperback Book
Pages 233
Release Date 2003

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