Our People

Our People






                                 Ajna Terlecki 
Account Manager - Victoria

Ajna graduated from RMIT in 2012, finalising her double degree in Chinese medicine and human biology. This included studies in both acupuncture and herbal medicine while completing her final semester in Nanjing, China. 

Since then Ajna has worked in various clinics with focus on areas such as sports injury, fertility and internal medicine. She is passionate about the health industry and continues to place importance on growing as a practitioner. 

She is excited to step into the role of the Victorian Account Manager and provide as much support as possible to the Chinese medicine community.




Phone: 0450 522 206

E-Mail: ajna@acuneeds.com









                                 Oormie Meydan
Account Manager - South Australia

Oormie graduated with a Bachelor of Health Sciences specialising in Chinese Medicine, from University of Western Sydney 2013, and is currently completing her Masters of Chinese Herbal Medicine at RMIT.

Her love of Eastern Medicine began whilst working as a product developer for an Organic food manufacturer in Switzerland in 2008. At that time she had the opportunity to visit Korea for product research and was exposed to the integrated, modern lifestyle combined with Eastern medicine. On her return to Switzerland she began to attend lectures on Chinese Medicine and thus the wonderful journey began. She is particularly interested in Chinese Medicine health products, how they have been developed and how they can best be utilized in clinical practice. Her greatest love is Herbal medicine with its myriad applications and formulations for both internal and external medicine.

Oormie is excited to be part of the growing TCM community in South Australia and hopes to fulfill and serve its diverse needs as Acuneed’s Account Manager for SA.





Phone: 0422 830 949

E-Mail: oormie@acuneeds.com










                                 Sam Andison
Account Manager - Queensland

Sam completed his Bachelor of Health Science (Acupuncture) at Endeavour College of Natural Health in 2010. He owns and operates his own Acupuncture practice "The Acupuncture Guy" out of Paddington Queensland.

Sam began his career in acupuncture in 2006, working in various practices as a therapist, progressed into marketing and in turn business operations. This experience solidified his understanding of practice and informs his role as Account Manager supporting Queensland TCM businesses

Sam is excited to join Acuneeds as our Account Manager for Queensland.                                                                               



Phone: 0466 424 588

E-Mail: sam@acuneeds.com









                                 Alan Tran
Account Manager - New South Wales

Alan graduated from Sydney Institute of TCM in 2015 and has since set up practise in Sydney NSW.

His journey started when he was introduce to tai chi by a friend and the philosophy and movement stemmed curiosity to learn and explore. With 10 years in the health and fitness industry. Gradually progressing from health and fitness to remedial massage to finally Chinese medicine, which he can now integrate his experience and knowledge to help others.

He is passionate about traumatology, muscular skeletal injuries, functional movement and the different types of uses of herbs in Chinese medicine.           

Alan is excited to be part of the TCM community in NSW and hopes to assist in their needs as an Accounts Manager for Acuneeds.





Phone: 0415 568 048

E-Mail: alan@acuneeds.com