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E-Stim 2 - Dual Channel Microcurrent Stimulator

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Economical and easy-to-use portable electroacupuncture unit. New dual channel,portable, continuous frequency unit features

Our only unit to feature microcurrent stimulation. Milli-amp (normal current) and Microamp(micro current) settings.

Each channel also includes its own green LED lightwhich displays power-on and frequency. Accessories include 2 sets of alligator clipwires, 9 volt battery, and instructions.

Specifications 500 ohm test load
Output channels 2 independent intensity channels
Frequency 1 to 100 Hz, flashing LED
Milli-amp setting Volts & current 0 to 40 mA, 0 to 20 volts
Micro-current setting Volts & current 0 to 2,000 microA (2 mA), 0 to 1 volts
Pulse width 280 microseconds
Pulse shape asymmetric biphasic square
Pulse modes continuous
Power indication flashing LED, each channel
Power source one 9 volt battery
Low power indication yellow LED light
Size, wt, colour 5 x 3.4" x 1"

Product No : STAP0008

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